How much will a blockchain cost?

How much will a blockchain cost?
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The cost to build a blockchain project depends on various factors. The cost of blockchain implementation is spent on multiple activities or phases of the project including: Design System Blueprint, user interface/experience design including wireframes, high-fidelity designs with a prototype, and low-fidelity designs with app flow. Development Coding and Testing Deployment Deployment on Cloud Platforms, Delivery, and DevOps Migration Moving the existing solution to the Blockchain platform Maintenance Maintaining new updates and testing that the app runs smoothly on every OS release Upgrade New features, Changes in Smart Contracts Third-Party Tools Hosting, Storage, Notification System, Collaboration The complexity of a Blockchain project A developer has to pay a certain fee to deploy a contract on the blockchain. The cost of Blockchain implementation also depends on the complexity of your project. It's classified into three categories based on their complexity: Low Complexity Blockchain Apps Basic Smart Contract Development App Payment applications built with existing cryptocurrencies Medium complexity blockchain apps Semi-decentralized apps dApps built on the blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric/Sawtooth, EOS, and more High complexity blockchain apps Building a blockchain platform from scratch Building a complete decentralized network There are three ways to get an app built and each will cost differently with some benefits and limitations: Startup – Building a blockchain app with an in-house team Here you should agree on payment with your partners. Outsourcing – Hiring an agency to build a blockchain app The advantage of outsourcing is no management efforts for recruitment, administration, training, or other HR activities are required by the client. Outstaffing – Hiring developer for blockchain app where Crypton Outstaffing shares our best personnel for the duration of your project. The advantage of outsourcing is no management efforts for recruitment, administration, training, or other HR activities are required by the client. Tell us about your project idea, and we will help to implement it.


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