How to grow a business through employees?

How to grow a business through employees?
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Every company that aims for growth goes through different stages of development and uses different strategies to do so. Usually, a company has a business life cycle consisting of four stages: Start — the foundation of the company Going to zero, not a loss The growth stage The stability stage When your business enters the growth stage, the earning phase begins. The company's profits and the number of clients increase. At this time, you need to think about your growth strategy and investments. To ramp up production, you need to hire new employees. There are different forms of hiring employees: recruiting, buying out an employee from another company, and renting . We wrote more about outstaffing model here . This strategy is usually successful for startups. Let’s imagine that your company has decided to start providing services for DeFi projects. So, you will have a competitive advantage over other software development companies, you can provide the client with a wide range of services at the highest level. You win: the company strengthens its position in the market, you open new development services, and increase your profits. How to achieve this? The first option is that you can hire a smart contract developer with the help of a recruiter. To do this, you need to budget for another new employee, namely $20,000 and $30,000 per year + taxes and insurance deductions. Sometimes deductions are as high as 50% of the employee's salary. Also, you need to spend the time and resources to find and hire a professional developer. Another option is that you most likely already have good developers on staff who can be retrained. The strategy of investing in the training of your employees is chosen by companies that are already well-established in the market. So, you don't spend money on salaries, taxes, and insurance deductions for a new employee, and you only increase the salary of the current developer. In addition, you don't have to devote a lot of time and resources to find a suitable and reliable employee. Your developers, in turn, will see new horizons of career development and additional motivation, as they feel supported by the company because they gain new qualifications in the promising field of blockchain development. We can help retrain your employees, thanks to Crypton Factory B2B . The cost of training in our courses does not exceed the average salary of a junior smart-contract developer. We create a customized course for each client based on your goals. It can be either a one-week super-intensive program or a three-month course. In the beginning, we always carry out competency diagnostics and make a program according to the level of your developers. Our training is maximally practice-oriented, with a minimum of theory. The course consists of a lecture explaining the topic, a practical assignment on the topic, and individual work with a mentor: consultation and code review. After the training, your employees will have: — strong knowledge in the blockchain area, — video recordings of all lectures, — mentor support after the course — links to useful materials: tutorials, useful literature, — the community of Solidity developers in Discord. Also, upon your request, we can create: —Management or administrative courses For example, project manager, analyst —Design courses For example, full-stack, web designer, UX/UI —General courses to plunge into the specifics of this or that blockchain Do you want to order a course or do you have any questions? Contact us and we will develop a course program to provide your employees with the necessary skills.


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