Meetup by Team Lead of Crypton Studio

Meetup by Team Lead of Crypton Studio
Meetup § Reading time: ~1 minutes
Kirill, Team Lead of Crypton Studio, will meet up on the theme “From developing to deploying”. Kirill will discuss: – Stages, objectives, tools for deploy; – Methodology of CI/CD; – Automation of the deployment with popular tools. Also, we have already planned meet-ups a month in advance and actively prepared them. Contact us and let’s start working together on your projects!


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Job in Crypton Studio

Crypton Studio is a permanently developing company, so we are always looking for talented developers, proactive HRs, professional sales-managers and other employees. Is it about you? So come join us!

  • Official employment
  • Possibility of relocation
  • Comfortable conditions

Internship in Crypton Studio

Do you already have a base in coding? Do you want to immerse yourself in the promising IT industry - blockchain, and leave your contribution to it? Hurry up and apply for an internship!

  • Training in working with advanced blockchain platforms from current technical leaders
  • Guaranteed offer after successful completion of the internship “Apply”