The difference between junior,middle,senior blockchain developers

The difference between junior,middle,senior blockchain developers
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In our company, there are developers of different levels at Crypton.Studio and Crypton.Outstaffing . First, let's see how they differ from each other. The Junior is a developer who has just started his way in programming. A person has mastered the syntax of the language and can write simple programs/scripts. The Middle is a developer who already has some programming experience. He can already perform complex tasks on his own, but he needs direction. The Senior is a developer who knows several programming languages, can implement the project architecture from scratch, and choose a technology stack suitable for the terms of reference, taking into account the future development of the project. After completing the Crypton Factory internship, there is an emphasis on the fact that the junior immediately gets up on the project and gains experience, and does not do small tasks. Therefore, the field of blockchain development is so different from other IT areas. The transition between levels occurs through grading. When learning new technologies, the technical background of a programmer grows and this transition becomes possible. For example, a junior blockchain developer must: – know the main blockchains Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and libraries, – understand the work of protocols, web3 at a basic level, and patterns; – be able to write smart contracts on Solidity: staking, farming, tokens, NFT marketplace, DAO, cross-chain bridge, IDO platform. – write clean code, and cover functionality with tests. For the first month and a half, the junior has a mentor, and then he masters all the necessary knowledge and manages on his own. Also, junior code always goes through a code review by a middle developer. The knowledge of the middle developer is already much wider, he knows: - how to create an architecture; – the difference between Solidity versions; – understands and has experience with a large number of other systems and protocols – knows how to work with Solana at a basic level. Senior has all of the above knowledge, as well as confidence and a deep understanding of consensus, experience with Solana, Near, Polkadot, Terra protocols, and ecosystems. And at what level are you?


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