The first educational meetup

The first educational meetup
Meetup § Reading time: ~1 minutes
We are preparing a series of educational meetups as part of the development of employees at Crypton Studio. Our employees' knowledge doesn't end with writing great code. They want to share their experience of creating a startup, CustDev, and bring the topic of ecology up, and we are ready to provide a resource for this. Our meetups will be held offline in the office, and online for remote employees. The first educational meet-up by Lena, Deputy CEO of Crypton Studio, went great! Lena shared her experience of creating a startup, and what conclusions she made after its failure. Our employees figured out product development specific. And had known what questions should be asked while cust dev and which are not. In an offline meet-up, employees were interested in Lena’s experience, and other colleagues watched the meet-up online. So we keep going to organize meet-ups. This Friday, Kirill, Team Lead of Crypton Studio, will meet up on the theme “From developing to deploying”. Contact us and let’s start working together on your projects!


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Job in Crypton Studio

Crypton Studio is a permanently developing company, so we are always looking for talented developers, proactive HRs, professional sales-managers and other employees. Is it about you? So come join us!

  • Official employment
  • Possibility of relocation
  • Comfortable conditions

Internship in Crypton Studio

Do you already have a base in coding? Do you want to immerse yourself in the promising IT industry - blockchain, and leave your contribution to it? Hurry up and apply for an internship!

  • Training in working with advanced blockchain platforms from current technical leaders
  • Guaranteed offer after successful completion of the internship “Apply”