Why does your business need Quality Assurance?

Why does your business need Quality Assurance?
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To avoid errors in creating IT projects, it is necessary to involve Quality Assurance (QA) engineers. These are the people who will make a product works in such a way that is following the objectives of the business and user expectations. The joke. «One day, a tester walks into a bar. Runs into a bar. Sneaks into a bar. Dancing, entering a bar. Creeps up into a bar. Breaks into a bar. Jumps into a bar and orders: a glass of beer, 2 glasses of beer, 0 glass of beer, 999999999 glasses of beer, a lizard in a glass, -1 glass of beer, qwertyuiop glasses of beer. Here comes the actual user who asks where is the toilet. The bar burns in hell, destroying everything around.» Purpose of QA engineer The main tasks of the QA engineer are is prevent bugs, and ensure a high-quality development process and results. A convenient and high-quality product is key to satisfied users, stable income, and business development. QA engineers work closely with all team members to make any product user-friendly.  At Crypton Studio it ensured high quality at all stages full cycle of development thanks to the well-coordinated work of QA engineers with designers, frontend, backend, and mobile developers. Our customers can be sure that will reap the full benefits of participation in the QA department in the development cycle:  Saving Cheaper to prevent a mistake than to fix it. When one error is corrected, another is frequently made. An early-stage error threatens to push the team back a few steps. This error will increase the time and cost of project development.  Reputation  The first impression most resistant, it is difficult to change. The users, who have encountered errors and bugs, will delete an app and won't be returning it. In-depth product testing will prepare users for a positive first meeting with the service. User Experience QA engineers evaluate a product from the standpoint of an ordinary person. They detect errors in the logic of user scripts and offer solutions. Business scaling Also, QA engineers diagnose a product and check its readiness to scale. This allows for avoiding huge mistakes that may arise, for example, in the product load increases. Stages of software testing life cycle Requirements gathering At this stage, the QA department works with business analysts. Their goals are to find out what software products and features can satisfy the most user needs, o be beneficial to the customers, and improve the product.  Test planning After requirements analysis, QA-lead defines the testing strategy. For this purpose, QAs create a document known as the test plan. It includes the project’s deliverables, its scope and objective, and responsible roles, and defines the testing environment. Test development When the test plan is ready, the QA department set up a test environment and creates test cases. A test case is a set of steps to take to validate whether the software product is bug-free and works according to the specified requirements.  Test execution If some part of a system works well, the QA engineer mark it as passed.  If a test case fails, it means there’s a defect in the code, and the QAs send a report back to developers, so they can check out what’s going on. In this way, possible to make sure that the output will be a quality product. Specifics of a QA’s job If QA engineers are not involved in the development process, it may later appear that the development team made something that works, and works well, but not what was originally intended. So, the QA department helps to reduce the time and save the money needed for the development of new test cases.  We are glad that the QA engineers team and developers harmoniously work together at Crypton Studio. They combine their skills to create a high-quality product.    Order a high-quality full-cycle development at Crypton Studio !


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