All you need to know about blockchain development outsourcing

All you need to know about blockchain development outsourcing
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Many companies choose to outsource the development of blockchain projects. Outsourcing is a practice of delegating certain tasks or projects to external companies.  This is a very convenient model of cooperation used by both young start-ups and companies that have been in the market for a long time. It allows companies to access specialized expertise and skills that may not be available in-house But how does the blockchain outsourcing process work?  We, Crypton Studio, have seven years of experience in providing outsourcing services. We can explain all the stages from application to implementation and all its intricacies. How outsourcing works Let's take a look at how the process and subsequent procedures can be arranged by way of an example of how we do it in Crypton Studio.  Presale Process 1. Appointment and Requirements Gathering: We schedule a meeting to discuss your project requirements and get a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. 2. Consultation and Estimation: Our team of experts, including sales managers, presale managers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and tech leads, collaborate to provide you with a detailed estimation based on your requirements. This comprehensive approach ensures accuracy and transparency in our estimations. Why is project estimation important? 3. Presentation and Negotiation: We present the estimation to you, discussing the proposed timeline, deliverables, and costs. We engage in open and transparent negotiations to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. 4. Contract Signing and Start Date: Once the terms of the contract are finalized and the pre-payment is received, we sign the contract and set a start date for the project. Further Process After Presale 1. Team Setup: We assemble a dedicated team for your project, consisting of a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Designer, QA Engineer, and Development Team. This ensures that all aspects of your project are handled by experts in their respective roles. 2. Solidifying Requirements: We work closely with you to further refine and solidify the project requirements. We understand that changes may arise during the development process, and our Agile methodology allows us to accommodate these changes while maintaining the project's overall goals. Development and launch stages  1. Development Under the Guidance of Project Manager: Our experienced Project Manager leads the development process, ensuring effective communication, timely delivery, and adherence to quality standards. They are supported by a Technical Leader who provides technical guidance and oversight. 2. Scrum Methodology: We follow the Scrum methodology during development, which enables us to work in iterative sprints, delivering tangible results at regular intervals. This approach ensures that the project progresses efficiently and is completed on time with high quality. 3. Continuous Communication and Progress Tracking: We prioritize open and transparent communication throughout the project. Regular meetings and progress updates keep you informed about the development process. Our team is always available to address any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth and collaborative experience. 4. Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance: As we near project completion, we conduct comprehensive testing to ensure the functionality, performance, and security of the solution. Our QA engineers rigorously test the software, identifying and resolving any issues or bugs to deliver a flawless end product. Learn more about our quality assurance 5. Project Launch and Post-launch Support: Once all the testing is complete and you're satisfied with the final product, we move forward with the project launch. Our support doesn't end there – we provide post-launch assistance, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing support as you continue to grow and evolve. Contact us If you would like to take advantage of our expertise in development, contact us .  Check out our portfolio and learn more about our solutions.


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