Best platforms for NFT tickets in 2023

Best platforms for NFT tickets in 2023
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NFTs have taken the world by storm, offering a new way to represent ownership and value in the digital world. While NFTs have primarily been associated with art and collectibles, they are increasingly being used in the world of ticketing. Based on blockchain, it is a faster, more secure and reliable tool for ticketing. It helps to prevent fraud, and also provide royalties to the original ticket issuer each time an NFT ticket is sold.  Technically NFT ticket is a token stored on a blockchain network that supplies verifiable proof of authenticity and ownership. Anyone can track the transactions on a blockchain ledger and see when and where the ticket was bought and sold. Person can buy a NFT ticket with a crypto wallet and get it on any device as a QR-code. In this article, we'll explore the top NFT-ticketing services that are leading the charge in this exciting new space. Platforms for NFT ticketing You can find different platforms to mint, buy and sell NFT tickets, but how to choose the best among them? Platforms have a lot in common, offering users a safe way to purchase NFT tickets and focus on scalping prevention. We compare the most popular ones explaining their features.  GUTS GUTS runs fully on the GET protocol, smart ticketing system that prevents scalping and any fraud.   Users can easily buy and resell tickets within the platform.  GUTS have an app available for Android and iOS.  Customers cannot buy tickets via an application, it is just for viewing their tickets, sharing them or putting them up for sale.  GUTS delivers tickets to the user’s account that is linked to the mobile telephone number, so one needs to provide a relevant number.  Wicket Wicket allows reselling tickets only within the platform at a price set by the event's organizer.   Users can buy, store and manage NFT tickets via an application, available for Android and iOS. Tickets are registered on the blockchain and connected to the visitor’s phone, making any attempt at fraud impossible. The platform also focuses on elimination of the secondary ticketing market to reduce price manipulation. Wicket allows ticket issuers to utilize dynamic pricing. So the price can be changed suddenly for consumers.  YellowHeart YellowHeart is the largest NFT ticket marketplace for major music events, including nationwide and international concert tours. Because of the event's scale, there are higher prices.  YellowHeart focuses on secondary market royalties to ensure that the original artist continues to profit from ticket resales. It also has an NFT marketplace, allowing users to mint and make available special tickets, such as upgradable and color-shifting ones.  Customers also can buy exclusive merchandise or unlock entry points at events by scanning their tickets with the app.  Their ticketing system is based on the Polygon blockchain and can sell tickets on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and other social networks. What are the main benefits of NFT ticketing? Seatlab Seatlab is a new NFT ticketing marketplace that will be launched soon. It is based on the carbon-neutral NEAR blockchain to reduce negative impact on the climate and environment.  Instead of QR codes, Seatlab utilizes NFC (near-field communication) technology to verify tickets. The platform has its own governance token, $SEAT, which allows users to claim exclusive rewards. To buy or sell NFT tickets users need to create a SeatlabNFT wallet. Own service If you are going to arrange several events, you should think about your own solution for NFT ticketing. It allows to make service more user-friendly and implement all necessary features, reducing commissions. Because you don’t need to pay fees for intermediary platforms. How to do that? Let’s study our company's latest solution. We have minted NFT tickets for our exclusive live-event.    How does it work?  Customers go on the web-page and click bottom “Buy ticket”.  Then connection via MetaMask wallet is started. One needs to connect his MetaMask wallet.   After that step, a person can buy an NFT ticket.  Participants find their NFT tickets as a unique QR-code on the web-site in a special section. It cannot be faked. Tickets available in a Metamask mobile app too.  How we’ve done that in few steps:  Use the BSC blockchain to tokenize tickets.   Make integration via MetaMask crypto wallet.  Write a smart contract to define terms, price and resale rules. It has taken 40 hours.   Create a design for tickets.    Mint tickets.   To integrate NFT tickets on site we have spent around 2 weeks, including testing.   Start to sell them on the web-site of the coming event. Total time we have spent on the project: around 1,5 months .  As a ticket issuer, you may use the services of NFT ticketing platforms, and have to pay fees. But you can create your own service on any blockchain to mint and sell tickets! It is easier and more profitable, and it doesn't take much time.  Whether you are searching for a platform with NFT ticketing or want to create a more engaging experience for participants of your event, Crypton Studio can offer you a ready-made solution.  Contact our manager, and we implement the best solution for you. Tell us more about your idea Learn about our cases


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