Exploring the market of US web3 startups 2023

Exploring the market of US web3 startups 2023
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The United States is the largest web3 market in the world right now.  Many of the blockchain companies that set trends are located in the USA. The US web3 startup market is huge, but there are two states - California and New York - that stand apart, being home to hundreds of companies.  See the list of most interesting blockchain companies from California and New York 2023. Spring Labs  Area: Data sharing Location: California Spring Labs' patented, ultra-secure cryptography and tokenization solutions help organizations store and share sensitive data without revealing personally identifiable information (PII). Their Spring Protocol separates data ownership from data value, enabling competitively sensitive parties to exchange information directly and in a fundamentally new way. Paxos  Area: Assets management Location: New York Paxos is a regulated blockchain infrastructure platform that assists users in the movement of their assets between physical and digital forms. Paxos offers products for crypto brokerage as well as settlement services for securities and commodities. Its blockchain solutions tokenise, store, trade and settle assets for corporate clients, enabling trusted and instant movement of any asset at any time. Audius Area: Blockchain-based platform for creators Location: California Audius' mission is to create a fully decentralized community of artists, developers and listeners working together to share and defend the world's music.  In order to register assets on the Audius network, the platform is designed to generate time-stamped records of creative works. The network is decentralized and secured by blockchain technology to protect and verify metadata attribution. Audius enables users to discover new content that can be verified through its authenticity and attribution system. Goldfinch Area: DeFi Location: California Goldfinch is a DeFi lending protocol that allows people to borrow cryptocurrency without collateral. Goldfinch is a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platform that lends cryptocurrency to users without requiring them to hold crypto collateral. It provides access to cryptocurrencies for emerging markets and stable returns for investors. Lemonade Area: Insurance services Location: New York  Lemonade helps users get renters and homeowners insurance at reasonable rates, using a combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain. The company uses AI to come up with the optimal flat rate for an insurance seeker, and then its blockchain-based smart contracts help to lock the user into a payment agreement. With blockchain, Lemonade can approve insurance claims and payments in minutes instead of days. Want to know more about crypto market insights? Follow us on social media!


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