Meet Crypton Studio: an app to find blockchain developers

Meet Crypton Studio: an app to find blockchain developers
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Crypton Studio is our new app streamlining your search for the ideal web3 project team. With a diverse roster of professionals, including smart contract specialists, frontend and backend developers, full-stack and mobile developers, designers, and project managers, we've got every aspect of your project covered. Our app is free to use, with no charges and no subscriptions. App is available on Google Play and App Store . What is outstaffing?  Outstaffing is the practice of hiring external professionals to work on specific projects or tasks under the client's supervision and control. This format is most common in IT and custom development sectors. It brings several benefits to employers:  - No need to search and train new people, which allows to save costs on their onboarding and firing;  - Ability to get experienced developers for short-term projects; - Developers stay in their company and communicate with the team. They can always get advised by colleagues and team leads;  - Ability to replace a developer if he gets sick or add more people to the project. The number of different crypto and web3 startups in the world continues to grow, so there is a high demand for blockchain developers.  The outstaffing format is used by companies that need quality developers here and now. There's no need to train new people or invest in new equipment. Besides, if the task is time-limited, the outstaffing format is much more advantageous than hiring or outsourcing.  We have developed an app to help our clients find the best web3 developers Crypton Studio has been a provider of outstaff services for a long time. We constantly have been looking for the most suitable ways to transfer developers to outstaffing.  That's why creating a mobile app was a natural step in developing convenient ways for our clients to find and hire outstaffing employees. The main features of the application are simplicity, completeness of information, credibility  — we guarantee that the skills of our specialists correspond to the declared ones, and high level of safety.  Simplicity  —  access the entire developer database, search it easily and communicate with the managers after installation without registering. Completeness of the information   —  the developers fill in a detailed questionnaire, which makes it possible to search for a large number of parameters. Credibility   —  to get into our database, developers have to pass an interview and perform a test task. All stages of this process are supervised by Crypton Studio experts with experience in large-scale crypto projects.  Safety  — our development team has ensured a high level of security and safety of your personal data. You can leave your data without fear of it being leaked. We have two-factor authentication for this purpose. How to start  Just install and open the app to start searching by these filters:  - Staff expertise  - Programming language skills  - Frameworks used  - Types of products developed and blockchains used  - Required level of English  - Monthly cost of work   - Developer status: free, engaged in another project, or available for new tasks. To get more information, go to the specialist card. Here are all details, including rating with reviews, geolocation and time zone, and education. Add candidates that best fit your needs to the "Wishlist" or chat with the manager to submit a request or discuss hiring details. Note: Users can get access to all the features of the application without registering, or they can register as a project owner (customer) to communicate and collaborate with a specific developer. How to register? Make this for the next easy step: Navigate to the "Profile" tab and click the "Sign Up" button. You will then be taken to a chat interface.  You can see the message here "If you have any questions or want to register in the application, please contact us via chat". Write that you want to register in the application Our manager will immediately send you a link to register Now you join our community We care about your data and safety We are able to maintain a trustworthy platform by personally interacting with users during the registration process Direct communication ensures that we understand users needs We verify that they're legitimate before allowing them to access the app This approach increase safety to all participants and protect their data Install from Google Play or App Store . Install today and enjoy the smoothest search experience! 


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Crypton Studio is a permanently developing company, so we are always looking for talented developers, proactive HRs, professional sales-managers and other employees. Is it about you? So come join us!

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