New case of development the launchpad platform for tokens trading

New case of development the launchpad platform for tokens trading
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Crypton Studio introduces Chains, an innovative multi-tool platform set for cryptocurrencies management. With a focus on making crypto payments more accessible and widespread, Chains offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies buying, selling, and investing in cryptocurrencies.  Empowering Crypto Management: Unveiling Chains' Features Our team at Crypton Studio has developed a range of features for Chains, including the launchpad and payment gateway for CHA token selling. Additionally, we have created token smart contracts for four blockchain networks: ETH, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and TRON. Referrals, payouts, token deposits and staking have been added to enhance the user experience. Furthermore, we developed a platform to generate whitelists of users for token pre-sales. Collaboration and Technological Excellence To bring Chains to life, our team of backend developers constructed the entire architecture and a wide array of services, including the gateway. Frontend developers seamlessly integrated the backend with their layout designs. Solidity developers wrote the smart contracts. The result underwent rigorous testing by our QA engineer. Meanwhile, our designers crafted the admin, launchpad, and website pages. Triumph Over Unexpected Challenges: Integrating the Whitelisting Platform In any project, unexpected tasks can arise. Chains was no exception. We encountered difficulties integrating the whitelisting platform with the admin dashboard, a requirement that wasn't initially discussed. The challenge was to connect the separate whitelist database to our existing database. Through our team's expertise, we found an optimal solution, impressing the client enough to extend the deadline for completion. Crypton Studio's Stack of Technologies  —  Framework: hapi.js  —  Languages: TypeScript and Solidity  —  Databases: Postgres and Redis  —  Blockchain Integration: web3 and tronweb  —  Frontend: Vue 2, Nuxt.JS, and JS Client Feedback and the Crypton Studio Advantage Our client highly appreciates the flexibility and accountability demonstrated by our team, along with our extensive experience in developing investment crypto platforms and web3 marketplaces. Whether you need a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem or a specific task, Crypton Studio can tailor the perfect solution to meet your unique requirements. Take a look at our portfolio, showcasing our successful track record in delivering exceptional projects. Conclusion Through collaboration, technological expertise, and problem-solving prowess, we have successfully overcome unexpected challenges and help client to deliver a cutting-edge product. Partner with Crypton Studio and embark on a journey to revolutionize your crypto endeavors. Contact us today!


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