Shards Network: join the community of custom development experts

Shards Network: join the community of custom development experts
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Shards Network is Crypton Studio’s partnership network connecting over 100 teams from various custom development fields. Here you can find blockchain, web, mobile, VR/AR, game professionals and more. Why have we created this community? Connection is our superpower. It brings a range of possibilities to our work and helps us achieve more ambitious goals. So we created a Shards network to share opportunities with web3 studios, blockchain projects and other related areas. Here some opportunities statistic for the last year: Shared  — 119 Closed by partners  — 75. The very name "Shards" refers to the idea of multiple instances working together for great performance, just as sharding in the Ethereum blockchain increases its excellence. How does it work? The processes in the network are based on two telegram channels: Shards Network and Shards Staff .  In Shards Network teams can publish their requests in the areas mentioned above. First they have to fill special forms, and after the moderation process the request will be posted in the channel.  In Shards Staff  teams can post resumes of available developers for the outstaffing, or a post request for one.  How to apply for joining?  First contact us. You need only make two steps before inviting to join the network:  — an introductory call with a partnership coordinator;  — filling out an application form . If all goes well, teams are invited to join the network. What are the benefits? Share your unrelated inquiries with partners who may be interested and receive the same inquiries from them. Get mutual benefits and split revenue.  To learn more about how your team can benefit with Shards Network, visit the Affiliate Program page. Any questions? Contact Head of Partnership via email or social media. Email Telegram @kadyrovcrypton


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Job in Crypton Studio

Crypton Studio is a permanently developing company, so we are always looking for talented developers, proactive HRs, professional sales-managers and other employees. Is it about you? So come join us!

  • Official employment
  • Possibility of relocation
  • Comfortable conditions

Internship in Crypton Studio

Do you already have a base in coding? Do you want to immerse yourself in the promising IT industry - blockchain, and leave your contribution to it? Hurry up and apply for an internship!

  • Training in working with advanced blockchain platforms from current technical leaders
  • Guaranteed offer after successful completion of the internship “Apply”