The best web3 platforms for logistics and transport industry

The best web3 platforms for logistics and transport industry
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Check out our list of the top 5 blockchain-based platforms for the logistics and transport industry. These platforms offer different solutions based on decentralized technologies to help meet the challenges in the industry: inefficient paper-based processes, lack of transparency and trust,  limited interoperability and data sharing and many others. To learn more about the benefits of blockchain in the logistics and transport industry, read our previous article. Top 5 blockchain platforms for logistics and transport CargoX Streamlined customs and border procedures The CargoX platform helps users to transfer title deeds and other documents, encrypted at the highest level of confidentiality, as well as to transfer ownership of these documents. It is based on a neutral, public blockchain that allows an audit trail of events only for the participants involved. Their solutions can help to streamline operational processes in the logistic industry related to documentation.  dexFreight Secure data sharing among stakeholders dexFreight is an open logistics network for freight companies. It uses smart contracts to manage shipments from booking to payment in one place. Smart contracts assist find and quickly onboard the right truck for one’s loads, share information and build a collaborative network. It provides carriers, brokers and shippers with the right tools and technology to handle loads more effectively, increasing visibility and margins whilst reducing load turnaround time. VeChain  Cargo tracking and authentication VeChain gives each vehicle a unique ID and a digital passport that covers the entire lifetime of the vehicle. Through the use of authentication data stored on the blockchain, brands can assess the quality and authenticity of car parts.  In addition, vehicle owners can share data access rights with third-party service providers, such as car insurance companies and used car trading platforms.  IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite Supply chain transparency IBM’s solutions help companies track and verify the movement of goods, record transactions, and share data with stakeholders in a secure and transparent manner.  Their platform ensures greater visibility into supply chain processes, reduces counterfeiting risks, and enhances trust among participants. TradeLens Data sharing TradeLens is a highly secure data and document sharing platform that simplifies and accelerates your trade operations. It provides a suite of powerful, digital supply chain visibility, collaboration and analytics tools developed with the support of freight forwarders, customs, banks and inland transportation providers. The platform is committed to rapidly growing an ecosystem of government, agents and transport providers digitally connected to accelerate global trade. Contact us Are you interested in implementing blockchain solutions in your organization? We invite you to explore how Crypton Studio can help your organization implement blockchain solutions tailored to your specific needs.  Contact us today and we will guide you through every step of the implementation process.


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