Top 5 blockchain companies in the banking sector

Top 5 blockchain companies in the banking sector
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Explore our list of the best blockchain companies in the banking industry. All of them offer enhanced security, while also improving operational efficiency by reducing intermediaries and streamlining processes.  Earlier we wrote about the benefits of implementing blockchain technology in the banking sector. Nium Interbank Transactions Nium empowers businesses and financial institutions with a global platform that makes moving money seamless.  Customers can personalize their financial services on the platform and conduct transactions in multiple currencies, including crypto.  Nium has launched the first global crypto-as-a-service platform for institutions looking to integrate crypto into their regular operations. Tradle KYC/AML Compliance Tradle is a know-your-customer blockchain platform for financial institutions.  The company allows banks to get a verifiable background on their customers for loan approvals, using bots to scan relevant information such as finances and work history.  The information gathered is then secured by blockchain for both intra-bank and external data transfers. Jibrel Asset Tokenization Jibrel is a blockchain-based banking solution for tokenizing financial assets such as ICOs, loans and commodities. The tokenization of assets allows Jibrel users to have greater financial liquidity. The company's Jwallet allows users to manage all their crypto, Jibrel Jtokens or tokenized assets in a decentralized platform. AlphaPoint Asset Management AlphaPoint is a platform for the digitisation and trading of various assets. Their solutions provide workflow automatization, and issuing of smart contracts while digitizing assets such as loans, currencies and shares in private companies.  In the first instance, the index will be used to benchmark the performance of the most highly valued and most liquid cryptocurrencies. Spring Labs Data sharing Spring Labs is building DLT-enabled nets which let financial institutions share information without sharing the underlying data themselves.  Spring Labs has developed the system, which allows data to be shared while keeping personal and collective information private. Want to learn more about blockchain applications in the banking sector? Write to us and we'll send you a free copy of the case study presentation. Follow us on social media We regularly publish materials about crypto market trends and blockchain applications in various industries. Subscribe to our social media to discover more about the web3 world.


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