Top 5 fresh blockchain startups in Singapore 2023

Top 5 fresh blockchain startups in Singapore 2023
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Singapore is one of the world leaders in the blockchain industry. It has also established itself as the heart of cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation in Southeast Asia.  With a vibrant ecosystem teeming with pioneering blockchain startups and dynamic individuals driving the industry forward, Singapore is buzzing with web3 activities. Check out the list of the five most promising startups that emerged from this tech hub in 2023.  Singapore startups market in 2023 ZOTH Area: DeFi Zoth is a decentralized platform that uses tokenization and blockchain technology through DeFi to enable anyone in the world to access real-world, alternative assets from emerging markets. The Zoth ecosystem acts as a bridge between asset owners (deal originators), retail investors and institutions to create a robust, highly liquid and coherent product suite of asset index pools and liquid staking pools. STARTALE LABS Area: Web3 Infrastructure Startale Labs is a company that specializes in the development of the web3 infrastructure and the provision of public goods. Their expertise lies in the creation of core web3 infrastructure and applications integrated into the Astar Network. Through extensive research and development, they cover various aspects of web3 and token economics. Their incubation programmes play a pivotal role in nurturing web3 startups and fostering accelerated innovation. VANTIENT Area: Web3 Data Aggregator Vantient is a Web3 customer relationship management service provider that provides on- and off-chain customer data collection and analysis services to organizations and Web3 projects to help companies acquire, engage and retain users. LINKKO Area: NFT Linkko simplifies token gating for communities, projects and brands through a no-code gated access solution with one-click login. Linkko provides a secure and easy-to-use solution for connecting wallets with token-gated access to various apps and websites, making the crypto and NFT ecosystem more accessible to everyone. BIKA Area: Trading Platform BIKA is a digital asset trading platform that provides a user-centric and open ecosystem for more secure and faster crypto derivatives trading services. Created to enrich the entire cryptocurrency industry, BIKA is committed to creating a safe, fair, transparent, reliable and user-friendly trading environment. Want to know more about crypto markets in different parts of the world? Read also about blockchain startups in the US , Dubai and Africa market. Follow us on Social Media Subscribe to our social networks to discover more about the web3 world. We also publish materials about crypto market trends and blockchain applications in various industries.


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