Top blockchain companies in Brazil

Top blockchain companies in Brazil
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The adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is rapidly growing in Brazil.  The government, in particular, is actively working on implementing a legal framework to regulate digital assets.  Brazil's turn to blockchain: Expert Interview We've compiled a selection of the foremost blockchain companies in Brazil, providing a glimpse into the thriving web3 landscape in the country. Ribon Area: Decentralized platform for charities  Ribon's decentralized platform enables individuals to participate in philanthropy without any monetary commitment. They achieve this by contributing tickets to support their preferred social initiatives. This dynamic is made feasible through the transformation of regular donors into financial contributors. This not only amplifies their influence but also motivates others to contribute. Beeders Area: Asset tokenization Beeders, a specialized SaaS company, is dedicated to Web3, Metaverse, DAO, Blockchain, Tokenization, and more. Their solutions encompass customized accelerator templates, versatile primary and secondary distribution choices, efficient document administration, tailor-made configurations backed by tokens, rigorous security protocols, and seamless integration with KYC/AML and Cap Table processes. Hashdex Area: Crypto asset management Hashdex stands as the leading crypto asset manager across Latin America and a global trailblazer in crypto asset management. Committed to making crypto accessible to a broader audience, they have joined forces with Nasdaq to create the Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI) and Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe (NCIE).  Jungle Area: Play-to-earn-games Jungle is a web3 gaming publisher with a mission to advance the world of GameFi. They specialize in creating and launching hybrid games that prioritize mobile accessibility and leverage blockchain technology for enhanced experiences. Smartzation  Area: Smart contracts Smartzation is a fresh startup in the area of auditing and optimization of web3 systems. They provide auditing, security and optimization to ensure robust and reliable smart contracts. Specialists identify vulnerabilities and ensure that your smart contracts work with confidence and security. Follow us on social media Subscribe to our social networks to discover more about the web3 world. We publish materials about crypto market trends and blockchain applications in various industries.


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