Top of blockchain platforms for the alcoholic beverage industry

Top of blockchain platforms for the alcoholic beverage industry
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Explore our list of top blockchain-based services and solutions for the alcoholic beverage industry. They help producers and beverage distributors to track supply chains, deliver new digital experiences to consumers and increase trust in the industry.  Let’s see what exactly they propose to bring innovation in such a traditional field like alcoholic beverages. BlockBar BlockBar is the world's first DTC (direct-to-consumer) NFT marketplace for wines and spirits. The proprietary platform allows consumers to purchase asset-backed NFTs directly from the brand owners. Buyers can pay for products via credit card or Ethereum and have the option to either burn the NFT to redeem the physical product or resell the product through the platform’s marketplace. EZlab EZlab is a tech startup that works on smart solutions for the agri-food sector. One of their directions is blockchain for the wine industry.  WINE Blockchain builds trust and transparency between the producer and the final consumer, by controlling the wine production chain from the origin of the grapes, through the transformation and into the bottle. The platform allows consumers to learn more about the final product, increasing awareness of what they are drinking and loyalty to the brand. From the supply chain management to NFT marketplaces: how blockchain can improve the alcoholic beverages industry Chai Vault  Chai Vault is an anti-fraud solution specifically designed for the wine and spirits industry. It provides a blockchain-based solution that allows wine and spirits buyers to determine the authenticity and place of origin of bottles of wine and spirits prior to purchase. It has a registered method known as The Chai Method (TCM), which has a list of certified authenticators that allow a person to inspect and certify the authenticity of bottles in the blockchain, creating a permanent and digital record. YEN Gin YEN is a gin maker company that provides a platform  where it is possible to buy a tokenized bottle of drink. The Team behind YEN is pioneering a movement forward in the Gin category as the World’s First NFT Tokenized Blockchain Gin brand. Holders of NFTs become members of the community and get several benefits. The main purpose of the project is to transform customer experience with the opportunity to verify YEn products anywhere in the world due to blockchain.  The whisky barrel  The whisky barrel is a brand of Scotch whisky that adapted NFT to provide authentication to every bottle of drink in order to prevent counterfeit.  A QR code on the bottle links to an NFT. This NFT is secured on the blockchain distributed ledger, which has all the transactions related to the bottle immutable and public. Company describes this solution as a full Digital Provenance Certificate that proves ownership for whisky collectors.  We look forward to seeing more innovative solutions that connect breakthrough technology with traditional business for mutual benefit. It is time to develop highly demanded blockchain products. So contact us to discuss your project's idea and we'll produce something new together! Check out our portfolio


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