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Our team has a successful experience in blockchain technology investing and knows the criteria of the profitable project

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CryptonStudio - was founded in 2016 up to that time there were 5 programmers in the team with total experience over 30 years. In February 2016, the staff consisted of 15 people, at the moment there are 20 people working at the CryptonStudio office, and more that 15 people work at freelance. For now, we are one of the competent experts in blockchain technology in Russia.


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    Smart contract

    Reliable solution for your token development

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    Destributed Applications Design and UX development

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    Front-end and back-end devolopment

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    We have experience and we are ready to consult

Legal support

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    Review of the core project documents

    Recommendations on White Paper, webpage, key press releases

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    Drafting or review of legal documents

    Terms of Use, agreements, Privacy Policy, warranties, disclaimers, risk factors

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    Ongoing legal advice

    Legal advice on ICO specifics throughout the token sale

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    Establish your legal entity

    Choose most suitable jurisdiction for your project

Marketing support

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    RoadShow in Asia

    Present your project to CryptoFunds and angel-investors

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    Marketing consultations

    Guidance on marketing tools setup from ICO experts

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    Preset PPC account

    Reach the target audience of token purchasers

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    Community building

    Have access to some of the leading TGE community companies and individuals

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    Moscow, Stremyannyy Pereulok, 36
    Tomsk, Akademicheskiy, 26

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    Call : +7 9994995060
    Email : [email protected]

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Need help or just want to say hello?