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Blockchain development

We are developing the logic of smart contracts for creating an application on a blockbuster. We create cryptotices, private lockers, crypto-exchanges. Basic languages: Solidity, JS, Python, C ++, Objective-C.

Android/iOS development

Creating applications from ideas to the end user. Basic languages: JS, Python, Swift, Unity, Java, Objective-C.

Web development

Creating an interface for any business, developing and implementing a personal cabinet. Basic languages: JS, PHP, Python, HTML.

Chat bots development

Creating of chatbots on platforms: Telegram, Facebook, WeChat. Main languages: JS, PHP, Python.

Make blockchain technology simple

CryptonStudio - the team of highly qualified specialists in IT field with more than 2 years experiencein blockchain technology, More than 250 ready-made projects, including apps on android, iOS, Windows, macOS, web-sites, blockchain applications, cryptoexchangers and smart-contracts development. There are 12 backend developers, 7 frontend developers, 3 full stack, 3 marketers, 2 technical documentation specialists. Everybody in the team are the professional in his area and in blockchain teĐühnology. In addition, the team works closely with leading universities, analysts and specialists, who act as consultants in various projects.

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