The Web 3 marketing platform developed by Crypton Studio

The Web 3 marketing platform developed by Crypton Studio
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Let’s examine the Infam project case. There we have developed the platform to guide investment in crypto assets or directly in blockchain startups. Infam founder met Crypton Studio’s CEO at the crypto conferences. The customer already had an idea for the project, so our CEO engaged the business development manager and work began at Crypton Studio . Infam founder shared the problem According to 2021 about 46 million people nationwide (roughly 22% of the U.S. adult population) own a share of Bitcoin. Unfortunately, many of those investors are beginners in blockchain and are easily confused or duped. That’s why they need a new form of organization to guide them in the world of crypto investment. The customer contacted us to solve this problem. The Infam owner wanted to take on this role - to give people convenient tools for investing in crypto assets. Also, the owner believes that the organization must be trustworthy, have a modern blockchain infrastructure, and benefit advanced crypto users and especially newbies. What is the purpose of the INFAM ecosystem? The project aims at smart and affordable crypto-investments, enhanced services for investors, startups, and crypto-experts, and the formation of a community for the dissemination of honest, objective, and reliable information about the fintech market. At the heart of Infam is the desire to create a comprehensive smart analytics platform for investing in the crypto industry, to give the widest possible opportunity to all three target user groups: • Investors • Projects • Infam partners (influencers, ambassadors, experts) Among the main features of INFAM DAO are fair and decentralized governance. All DAO members participate in government, profit is redistributed between members in proportional shares, and all key decisions are made through voting. Also, a feature of the INFAM DAO is the fact that all tokens are stored in a common pool and not in the wallets of members. Therefore, all cash flows in the DAO are as transparent and decentralized as possible. Our team was very interested in this case , and we engaged a business analyst’s team. They made an assessment, market analysis, and proposed analytical mechanics. We realized that it's cool to develop a basic demo version and MVP of the platform for this. In addition, we decided to deploy an ecosystem around the token on the platform. Consequently, we needed to develop: a token, platform, bridge, and launchpad. We came to the customer with a software requirements specification, a description of the stack, and a roadmap. The owner was delighted! After approval by the customer, teams took the project into development. Frontend developers used: — TypeScript programming language due to its rapid development as well as static typing — Vue nuxt framework for developing applications with server rendering. Backend developers used: — Framework Hapi.js for building a web application; — Database management system PostgreSQL; — Message broker RabbitMQ; — Docker to automate deployment and management. Smart contract developer used: — Solidity allows you to write smart contracts by which people can carry out ICOs, open voting, auctions, and issue their currency — NodeJS allows you to write smart contracts, compile, test, deploy, interact with existing contracts and send transactions — Hardhat allows smart-contract developers testing and deployment, as well as gas cost estimation and Etherscan contract verification. Features The Infam platform has a multi-chain infrastructure that currently includes Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. We validated transfers between blockchains using a relay service on Hardhat. You can find projects and/or bloggers who work in the right chain, make transactions, and sign smart contracts in a blockchain convenient for you. Each Infam member can make secure and transparent transactions on the blockchain directly on our platform. Infam Launchpad allows easy launch and easy participation in IDO for projects and investors right on our platform coding on Solidity. Our smart contracts are well protected and tested to avoid hacker attacks. Also, we created Infam’s INF utility token . It is an ecosystem currency that can be used for staking, trading, farming, and payments on the platform. You can find projects and/or bloggers who work in the right chain, make transactions, and sign smart contracts in a blockchain convenient for you. Outcome Now the Infam Platform is ready to provide a wide range of tools for smart investments and business promotion. The platform has a multi-chain infrastructure that currently includes Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. In addition, the customer shared with us Infam platform users' feedback: «A convenient computer integration system of compatible blockchains, for scaling the direction of multichain. Convenient use of the platform via web3 and multi-chain accounts. Good reviews on the mechanics inside the platform, secure transactions, posting, chatting, communication.» We are very proud that the project was successfully developed, and the results were not long in coming! Customer's feedback The customer chose us among other teams, thanks to the well-functioning work of the Crypton Studio business analyst department and positive feedback from fellow entrepreneurs. A qualitative assessment of the project, drawing up a roadmap and time frames with deadlines did the trick. Also, the Infam owner was telling that workflow was organized at the highest level: responsive team, quick response to problems, and support even on weekends. Our project manager was pleased when the customer noted that the work was like being with family and friends. In addition to all the positive feedback, the customer wished Crypton Studio to expand and increase the range of opportunities. We will listen to him and we will grow only up and further. Do you want to launch a successful blockchain project? We'll bring to life any ideas and projects! Contact us to discuss details about your case.


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