Crypton Outstaffing: feedback on developers

Crypton Outstaffing: feedback on developers
Outstaffing § Reading time: ~3 minutes
Crypton Studio provides outstaffing services. It is a type of remote hiring model where a dedicated team of professionals is provided by a third party contractor as a remote resource to the primary client for their project.  Here are the main reasons why clients come to us: We are a big blockchain development studio, so our developers have worked with all kinds of projects and you can find a suitable developer among them within 24 hours. We have developed our own products, so we know what qualities experienced developers should have. Developers, even those working in the client's team, can always ask our team leaders for advice and find the best solution faster than any freelancer. These are just some of the benefits and they are individual for each client.  We regularly receive positive feedback about our outstaff developers. Today we share some fresh feedback from our clients! _________________________________________________________________________ Developer: Dmitriy  Area: Smart contracts  Feedback:  The active development phase of the main part of the project is currently underway. We connect Dmitry to many meetings with our developers, because the smart contract interacts with the backend, front and the game.  But due to the identification of pitfalls and the need to perform additional work that was not taken into account initially (writing scripts, expanding smart contract capabilities, eliminating vulnerabilities, additional integration of third-party bots) we see that we will need Dmitry for at least another 1.5 months. Dmitry copes very well with his work, takes the initiative in solving new non-trivial tasks. He always gets in touch and we see his desire to make a quality product. Customer: MetaFighter _________________________________________________________________________ Developer: Utkir Area: Full-stack development Feedback:  His ability to manage multiple tasks and different stacks has been invaluable to the team. The company is very happy to have him onboard as he has helped them a lot. The feedback from everyone on the team has been overwhelmingly positive, which is a testament to his hard work and dedication. Overall, Utkir is a great member to any company looking for a talented and reliable full-stack developer. Customer: Pillar _________________________________________________________________________ Developer: Kirill  Area: Solidity development training Feedback:  Kirill has taught blockchain development in our courses. He is an excellent solid developer and an experienced teacher, who knows how to present the most complex information in a clear and accessible way for students. He is responsible, he completed all assignments on time, we knew we could rely on him. Kirill is a good mentor, very knowledgeable in his field - we are glad to have him as a teacher.  Customer:  Blockchain university _________________________________________________________________________ Developer: Michael  Area: Smart contracts Feedback: Michael was excellent. He was thoughtful and understood our concepts well. His EVM code was clean and easy to understand and he was extremely supportive. What was most impressive was that he delivered on-time to a high quality. The project, Lighthouse, was about a smart contract related to reputation credentialing. What we appreciate the most working with Crypton studio, is the fast, on-time, and flexible approach.  Customer: Co-Founder at Creative eLearning _________________________________________________________________________ We have been working in an outstaff format since the beginning. We have gained a lot of experience over the years, and the process of cooperation on outstaff is fine-tuned to perfection. We have also built up a large community of partners, and even if you don't find your ideal developer with us, we will refer you to one of our partners.  To find out more about the possibilities of an outstaff format for your business, see our website or write to us. 


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