Decimal is a blockchain. The main features are simplicity and speed of custom coin creation. Decimal includes NFTs Decimal, Decimal's Crypto Launchpad, and Staking Crypto with Decimal. 

Crypton Studio has developed a wide range of services, such as Block Explorer, Console, Status, Payment Gateway, Calculator, Wallet, Delegation, Offline Transaction Generation, Coin Exchange, Coin Issue. Also API & SDK (Golang, Javascript, PHP) and Console Client are prepared to help third-party developers.
  • SDK - Cosmos SDK
  • DBMS - PostgreSQL
  • User Interface - Web, iOS, Android
  • Frameworks - Vue.js
  • Programming languages - TypeScript, Golang
  • Consensus - Tendermint Core (PoS)
        Safehamsters is a multiplayer adventure game based on blockchain. By utilizing the best of liquidity pairing, you can stake combinations of tokens to build a portfolio that fits your needs.
Crypton Studio has developed smart contracts that enable users to provide liquidity for the platform tokens and their exchange. Our programmers have built an NFT marketplace, as well as cross-chain bridges that connect the BSC and HECO blockchain.
  • DBMS - PostgreSQL
  • Programming languages - Solidity, TypeScript
  • Frameworks - Vue 3, Hapi.js
  • User Interface - Web
        CyberFi is a user-friendly DeFi interface with a lot of available features. Users of CyberFi's platform will experience zero-stress when it comes to automated DeFi trading and farming. The platform offers smaller fees and tools for Impermanent Loss mitigation.

Crypton Studio has developed a trading platform, a system for automating complex actions on bets, liquidity pools, and LP tokens.  It also allows users to create automated complex scenarios of events with cross-chains.
  • User Interface - Web
  • Frameworks - Nodejs, Web3
CyberFi - Samurai
        Samurai by CyberFi is a crowdfunding platform built to advance the DeFi evolution. The CyberFi launchpad is focused on bringing only the best quality projects, whether it’s DeFi, NFTs, or Layer 2 protocols.

Crypton Studio has developed a full-suite decentralized cross-chain platform with Launchpad & Stakepad. The purpose of the platform is fundraising for helping projects gain global community growth.
  • Programming languages - Solidity, JavaScript
  • Frameworks - Web3, Vue(+Nuxt)
  • User Interface - Web
        BitTeam Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange in the BitTeam ecosystem. The exchange provides access to trading popular tokens and provides a distinctive feature - the desire to provide users with maximum ease of trading and interaction with the functionality of the exchange.

Crypton Studio has developed a payment gateway, a trading terminal, a personal account, settings for secure access, confirmation of withdrawal of funds, and an API for algorithmic trading. As well as an admin panel with general functionality for managing and moderating the exchange. Flexible user verification at several levels and convenient interaction with the ecosystem's P2P platform were implemented. A mobile application is currently being developed.
  • Frameworks - Hapi.js, Vue 3
  • Programming languages - TypeScript, Golang
  • DBMS - Redis, PostgreSQL
  • User Interface - Web
        Cryptoken allows users to manage an entire cryptocurrency portfolio through their app, as well as get detailed analysis and market information. Data is updated manually or directly from exchanges connected via API. Cryptoken portfolio management is as simple as possible.

Crypton Studio has developed a smart contract in the QTUM network for the platform token. The contract includes a game that allows increasing and decreasing different cryptocurrencies.

Also, the desktop application:
1. Provides an ability to connect BINANCE wallet and portfolio tracking;
2. Displays analytical statistics for different cryptocurrencies;
3. Connects a QTUM wallet that shows your balances and allows you to bet on a decrease/increase using our smart contract;
4. Integrates IPFS for decentralized storage of public data.
  • Frameworks - Hapi.js, Electron
  • Programming languages - TypeScript
  • User Interface - Web (desktop + mobile), Web
        A mobile application for increasing sport motivation. 
All information about sports clubs in your city is collected in one place. Being informed of all future competitions motivates you to visit the gym. Therefore, it leads to unity and communication among people in a single theme club.

Crypton Studio has developed an app for Android and iOS, and a desktop admin panel for app management. Additionally, we worked on the landing page and helped to work with app stores.
  • Frameworks - Hapi.js, Flutter
  • DBMS - PostgreSQL (+ Sequelize)
  • User Interface - iOS, Android
  • Programming languages - TypeScript, Dart
        DaoLand is a platform where users can stake a custom DLD token and receive rewards in DLD and DLS. In addition, the possibility of LP-staking (Farming) is offered, and the user receives a reward in the form of redemption of platform tokens. 

Crypton Studio has developed two tokens, the possibility of staking them, the IDO platform, a bridge between the ETH-BSC blockchains, and an algorithm to form the vesting period.
  • Programming languages - TypeScript, Solidity
  • User Interface - Web
  • Frameworks - Hapi, Vue(+Nuxt)
        Crypto Duel is a betting technology. Two players place a bet. Then the winner is determined by an independent and open algorithm implemented in a smart contract, which executes on the Ethereum blockchain.

Crypton Studio has developed a simple game implementation on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is similar to a coin toss, with bets on one of two random outcomes (win/lose). Smart contracts ensure the mechanism provides guaranteed transparency for determining the winner and accruing the winnings. Also, a smart contract allows the winner to pick up the winnings, or return the bet to the participants if the duel is declared failed.
  • User Interface - Telegram bot, Telegram chat, Android, Web
  • Frameworks - Web3, Flutter
  • Programming languages - Dart, TypeScript, Solidity
        Polylastic is a digital finance index geared towards offering the greatest indices in the cryptocurrency market. Polylastic’s native governance token, POLX, allows its holders to vote on proposals for protocol updates, management of index baskets, and future development.

Crypton Studio has developed a Web application, designed to manage cryptocurrency indices. Users are allowed to buy and sell shares of indices created and managed by the Polylastic Experts team. They can also create a decentralized vote on adding or create a decentralized vote for adding a new index to the platform.
  • Programming languages - Solidity, TypeScript, NodeJS
  • SDK - PoS
  • Frameworks - Vue(+Nuxt), Web3, Hapi.js
  • DBMS - PostgreSQL
  • User Interface - Web


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